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Hey everyone, Trevor here. Thought we'd share some clips from Creed that we've come across. Just a reminder that the flick opens on the 25th of November!

Sly promises we'll see even more of his Rocky character in Creed sequels
from the Morning Call;

"There's a scene in "Creed" where the latest brash boxer who challenges the upstart protege of Rocky Balboa barks, "No one cares about Balboa anymore!"
Yo, through 40 years of Rocky as an underdog, champion, and aging, widowed fighter, fans sure do care.

Dressed in robes, fedora hats and even boxing boots, the costumed enthusiasts chanting "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" on Friday had one more reason to cheer for Philadelphia's favorite fictional son.

Sylvester Stallone goes one more round as Balboa in the spinoff "Creed," and he wants the character to tally even more before he joins Adrian, Apollo and Paulie in that great squared circle in the sky.

"There's more to go," Stallone said Friday. "I would like to follow this character until eventually he's an angel."

Here's a fun video,
Legendary Nights : The Tale of Creed vs Balboa!

We have some sad news courtesy of Deadline, it appears Arnold's next project isn't Conan but will be a drama in the vein of Maggie...

"Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films has stepped up to finance and produce with Protozoa Pictures 478, the drama that Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in and Elliott Lester will direct from a script by Javier Guillon. The film is produced by Protozoa’s Darren Aronofsky, Scott Franklin and Eric Watson, EFOF CEOs Randall Emmett and George Furla, and Peter Dealbert.

The Highland Film Group is handling international sales and this is expected to be a hot title on the opening day of AFM. Lionsgate Premiere will release the film domestically as part of the ongoing multi‐picture distribution deal with EFOF.

Schwarzenegger has eyed the project seriously for months, and the script drew fans for its dark storyline and characters. In 478, Schwarzenegger plays a man whose wife and child die in a plane crash. The tragedy was caused by an air traffic controller’s screw-up. The air traffic controller is vilified for his mistake and placed into protective custody. Schwarzenegger’s character cannot let it go, and is determined to seek vengeance. It’s more sophisticated than an average revenge film, and gives Schwarzenegger a chance to show the chops he displayed on Maggie."

Here's some clips of the one and only Wesley Snipes showing he can still kick ass! (From the Player)

The final thing we want to mention today is that if you're not watching Ash vs. Evil Dead...WATCH IT. The show has quickly emerged as a favorite of both Dan and I. It's action packed and harkens back to the days of the 80's with it's refreshing blend of comedy and bad assery.

The show is available to order through the Starz network and will likely have a home video release once the first season finishes airing.

- Trevor

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<![CDATA[Blompkamp Alien movie on hold, Bruce Willis talks Die Hard prequel, new Van Damme project Antwerp Heist, Scott Adkins in Hard Target 2]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2015 18:50:02 GMThttp://www.expendablespremiere.com/news/blompkamp-alien-movie-on-hold-bruce-willis-talks-die-hard-prequel-new-van-damme-project-antwerp-heist-scott-adkins-in-hard-target-2Picture
Neil Blomkamp has confirmed that the Alien film he was set to direct is 'on hold' while Ridley Scott's Promethius 2 is now being described as the next installment in the Alien franchise.

Deadline has more on the story:

"...In February it was announced that Blomkamp would be directing a film to be set at some unspecified time after the events of the then-still-up-in-the-air Prometheus 2 story, and Alien director Ridley Scott was set to produce for 20th Century Fox. No story or script was ready at the time, but Blomkamp indicated on social media that it would be a proper installment of the Alien series.

A change of vision on Scott’s part might have had something to do with putting Blomkamp’s film on hold. As initially conceived, Prometheus 2 would have followed the further adventures of Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw as she seeks to uncover more about the events of Prometheus. However, Scott eventually set those plans aside, revealing in a recent interview that Prometheus 2 is going to be more of a proper prequel to Aliens, saying that “it’s going to be Alien: Paradise Lost.” That concept isn’t the same, but it is a bit closer to where Blomkamp wanted to go. More information about the future direction of the franchise presumably will come later.

Either way, Bloomkamp’s Alien movie appears for all intents and purposes comatose for now, while Prometheus 2 is slated to go into production in early 2016."

Well I guess that's bad news for those of you who wanted to see the continued adventure of Ripley, Hicks and Newt and good news for those of us who didn't like the idea of Alien 3 and 4 being wiped from the continuity of the series.

Next up we have some information on a new Van Damme movie called Antwerp Heist, thanks to City On Fire:

"Jean-Claude Van Damme and director Ernie Barbarash (Falcon Rising) are joining forces for the fourth time in Antwerp Heist, a Belgian-Canadian co-production that starts shooting in March (via HLN).

The film is presumed to be loosely based on the real events of the 2003 Antwerp Diamond Heist, dubbed the “heist of the century,” which was the largest diamond heist in history – with stolen jewellery valued over $100 million.
Van Damme and Barbarash previously collaborated together on 2011′s Assassination Games, 2012′s Six Bullets and 2015′s Pound of Flesh."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Bruce Willis gave his thoughts on the Die Hard prequel which is now in the works and (surprise) he's all for it.

"News broke recently that Underworld director Len Wiseman has signed on to helma sixth Die Hard film, tentatively titled Die Hard: Year One.

It's rumored that the film will be a prequel set long before the events of the first Die Hard, and may only featurelongtime star Bruce Willis in flash-forward scenes.

ET caught up with Willis at the New York premiere of his new film Rock the Kasbah on Monday, and the 60-year-old action star said he's excited about revisiting the franchise.
"It's a very good idea, a really tricky idea, and I'm very happy about it," Willis shared. "It's a really cool idea, because it's the origin story. It's gonna happen at the beginning of this. We're going to bounce back and forth."

In 1988, Willis was the right man in the wrong place at the wrong time as the iconic hero cop John McClane, who put his life on the line to save an office building full of innocent people from murderous thieves in the original Die Hard.
McClane then found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time over and over again across a series ofincreasingly wild and crazy misadventures, until his most recent romp through Russia in 2013's A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth installment in the series."

Who wants to bet that the adventure of young John McClane ends up being far crazier then the first Die Hard movie were he's supposedly just an average cop?

Lastly today here's a photo Scott Adkins posted on his facebook, basically confirming his role in Hard Target 2.

"Back in one of my favourite countries -- Thailand and rehearsing for next project with Master Seng of the famous Seng Stunt Team."

- Dan
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<![CDATA[Expendables 4 to begin filming in 2016!]]>Sat, 10 Oct 2015 15:27:13 GMThttp://www.expendablespremiere.com/news/expendables-4-to-begin-filming-in-2016Picture
Finally we have official confirmation that there will be an Expendables 4! The movie is set for a 2017 release and scenes could be filmed in China.

Thanks to Variety:

"Upcoming Nu Image / Millennium movies “Expendables 4” and “Security” are headed for China. That follows deals with Steven Paul’s SP International Pictures on behalf of SSXH Beijing and Max Screen Film Distribution.

The deals cover equity investments in both films and provide Chinese distribution rights. Both movies may use China as a location for some scenes, though it is not expected that there will be enough Chinese elements for them to be considered as full co-productions.

“Expendables 4” will shoot in 2016 and be delivered in 2017. Neither director nor cast have yet been announced, though the picture is expected to have maintain its all-action star formula. It is to be produced on a budget of over $100 million.

The “Expendables” franchise films have proved some of the most successful independent pictures in the Chinese market. “Expendables 3” grossed $39.2 million in North America where it was handled by Lions Gate Films, but $78 million in China.

“What seems to work in their favour in China, is that these movies are good old-fashioned shoot ’em up entertainment,” Paul told Variety."

Don't forget that in the aftermath of EX3 Stallone himself said that going the PG13 route was a big mistake and that the next movie would be R rated. Also it seems that this time they'll try to target the Chinese audience as much as possible, how about having Donnie Yen as a villain vs Jet Li? Let the speculation begin.

- Dan

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<![CDATA[Terminator:Genisys sequels "on hold indefinitely", Donnie Yen vs Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3 trailer, Steven Seagal and George St. Pierre in Killing Salazar]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 16:25:15 GMThttp://www.expendablespremiere.com/news/terminatorgenisys-sequels-on-hold-indefinitely-donnie-yen-vs-mike-tyson-in-ip-man-3-trailer-steven-seagal-and-george-st-pierre-in-killing-salazarPicture
 According to a Hollywood Reporter article about film finances, any sequels to Terminator:Genisys have been terminated for the time being:

"...By the time the Times article appeared, Terminator: Genisys had opened to a soft $27 million domestic, and the article suggested that the film illustrated a hard truth: "Paying for movies is one thing. Steering them crea­tively is another." The film did well overseas, especially in China, where it grossed $112 million. But the $150 million-plus movie still will lose money, and sources say the notion of a Terminator universe is on hold indefinitely."

Here we have a trailer for Ip Man 3 with Donnie Yen vs Mike Tyson!

Here's a trailer for Zero Tolerance starring Scott Adkins

Thanks to City On Fire we've learned about an upcoming Steven Seagal movie also starring George St. Pierre called Killing Salazar:

"At this point, we’re pretty sure Steven Seagal holds the record for having the most action films on his to-do/in-progress list. Director and frequent Seagal-collaborator Keoni Waxman (Absolution, Force of Execution) is currently on post-production phase for an upcoming flick titled Killing Salazar.

The film also stars MMA’s Georges St Pierre (Kickboxer: Vengeance) and Luke Goss (Tekken). Seagal’s role is rumored to be more of an extended cameo than the lead role, which doesn’t surprise us considering the bundle of products he has on his plate.

Here’s what you can expect from its plot: An elite team of DEA agents are assigned to protect a dangerous drug lord and take refuge in a luxury hotel while they await extraction. They soon find themselves at the center of an ambush as the drug lord’s former associates launch an explosive assault on the hotel."

Meanwhile Dolph Lundgren is in Rosarito Mexico filming Larceny, which will wrap up by October 28th. Here's a plot synopsis from Variety:
"R. Ellis Frazier (“Misfire”) is directing from a script by Benjamin Budde (“Misfire,” “Dead Drop”), which follows a former-operative-turned-professional-thief (Lundgren) contracted by the CIA to break into the safe at Mexico’s top secret Guantanamo Bay-style prison facility and steal sensitive information being stored there.

All hell breaks loose when the local cartel boss, whose millions in confiscated cash is also being stored in the safe, sends waves of thugs and professionals to siege the facility and steal back the money."

- Dan
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